88mph has invested in a travel business that helps expansion teams, small businesses, and frequent travellers book and manage their flights. When we travelled around Africa for 88mph, trying to fly our staff in and around, as well the entrepreneurs in residence who came in for the programs, always caused huge issues and added admin costs.
All this stuff that comes up, changing flights, cancelling flights, even using our credit card to book for our team without the airline flagging for fraud and just cancelling the flights, was a major hassle. We also tried a couple travel agents during the 4 years, but had continuous issues with tracking down invoices for expense reporting, and responsiveness of the travel agents.
So it came as little surprise that one of 88mph’s former Program Managers started Ahoy, shortly after leaving, to work on solving some of these travel problems.

We have followed Ahoy’s product development over the past year, growing user base, and being able to support the 24/7 needs of expansion teams from major companies in Africa and Central Europe. With this demonstrated ability to deliver value to customers, and build revenue, we decided to go in with an investment to help them grow further.
This is of course not only an African problem, but managing travel around and into Africa for teams, with last minute needs, not to mention credit card issues, are on a different level for these markets so we believe the need is even greater here.
For more info write ahoy@88mph.ac