Hive Project (HVN)

Why Hive Project?

A blockchain based platform providing you fast and low-cost liquidity.

How does Hive Project work?

Step 1: The company's financial data is uploaded to the blockchain.
The distributed ledger provides transparent and immutable records of the company's financial data all in one place.
Step 2: The company owns its financial data on the blockchain and monetizes its advantages when seeking liquidity
Since blockchain technology solves the "trust" issue in the business world, this transfers to faster and increased access to liquidity for small business.
Step 3: Third parties get more reliable data, increasing liquidity seekers' access to finance
The triple entry accounting (live financials) delivered by the Hive Project Platform gives creditors reliable information on borrower credit scores. Greater confidence in borrowers' financials leads to lower risk premiums and cheaper access to liquidity.