Our program pushes companies to refine their vision, expand their network and rapidly accelerate their output


A strong company narrative is an essential building block for a venture backed business. Founders that can communicate a compelling story about their mission have a far better chance to attract talent, raise financing and build highly functioning teams. Our narrative track includes extensive strategy sessions and pitch training, culminating in Canada’s top Demo Day


Companies thrive when they are supported by great advisors and a strong community. With hundreds of mentors, alumni, and supporters, the FounderFuel community represents one of the premier startup networks in Canada. Our network track leverages this uniquely valuable group with founder talks, personalized mentor matching, and a regular rhythm of social encounters


Acceleration is ultimately measured in business results. FonderFuel helps participants set and reach ambitious goals while establishing an operational cadence that can scale. Our operations track include weekly check-ins, mentor board reviews, and expert-led seminars