Everus (EVR)

What is Everus Technologies?

Blockchain initiatives for real-world solutions.

Everus Technologies aims to lead the way, not just for real-world applications, but real-life solutions.
Everus Technologies is a blockchain technology company based in Malaysia that aims to pioneer the widespread adoption of blockchain worldwide. The world is continually shifting and the emergence of this technology opens up new avenues and methods of conducting operations. With a host of products tailored to offer world-changing solutions, we aim to provide a seamless experience and a positive transition for all.

Why opt for blockchain?

In a world where information is disseminated in seconds, data must be verified and accurate. The decentralized nature of blockchain means that all data is verified in real-time, creating an intrinsic bond of trust.
Replicated across multiple nodes within the blockchain network, data is immutable and permanent, and will never be lost. Blockchain technology will also help to lower costs and reduce manpower.