Hacken (HKN)


HackenProof is an innovative decentralized platform, which aimed at providing both cybersecurity services for customers and proper working conditions for the best researchers. The core of the HackenProof platform is the ethical cooperation between highly qualified cybersecurity professionals and respectful IT businesses, which are interested in vulnerability research for their products.

Hacken Cybersecurity Services

Hacken provides a wide range of cybersecurity services and solutions according to each customer's needs. We employ the leading experts from around the globe to provide a custom-tailored cybersecurity solution for any SMBs and Enterprise, including anti-phishing, penetration testing and smart contract audit.

HackIT Annual Conference

From year to year, HackIT gathers hundreds participants from more than six countries. During HackIT, our team runs various speaking panels, featuring local and international experts, and specialized cybersecurity competitions, which are free for everyone to participate.

Hacken Crypto Exchanges Rating

Crypto Exchange Ranks provides users with a professional and intuitive platform. The system offers access to information that is collected, systematized and processed using specially developed algorithms and mathematical models.