DecentBet (DBET)


Being hosted on smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain, users can look through our contract source code as well as track any transaction made on the contract to ensure stays fair and relies on accurate game outcomes and does not act maliciously.

Decent.C allots 10% of profits generated by the founder's shares in the house and donates them to needy causes and charities around the world. All charitable donations will be transparent and registered on the blockchain to maintain complete transparency.

Be the house
Bets placed by users will always have the house to hedge against their bets - users can buy into the house funds and receive a split of the profits at the end of every quarter. Moreover, shares in the house will be tradeable at any time with other users at any convenient price for liquidity.

White Label will open it's API and custom houses on the platform for 3rd party providers to join in the platform with custom lines and APIs. This would ultimately benefit users of the platform with initial house buyouts.