Seed Hatchery is powered by Mosaik Solutions, a global leader in providing interactive geomapping and data visualization platforms for Fortune 100 companies and small businesses in telecom services. They will support the Seed Hatchery Accelerator by providing access to resources in the geomapping and data visualization arena including but not limited to API’s, SDK’s, network database, and access to Mosaik’s talent base of engineers, managers, and analysts during the accelerator.

These resources provided by Mosaik are in addition to the resources provided by Start Co. to accelerate rapid progress and achievement of milestones for B2B startups (enterprise software & hardware). It emphasizes idea validation, iteration and building an investable story. The program offers mentorship, weekly training sessions, business development, cohort reporting and actionable milestones.

Technical Partners: IBM, Amazon Web Services, PayPal, Twilio, SendGrid
Business Partners: American Airlines...