Universities are a place of promise. They’re a new chapter, filled to the brim with big ideas.
In June 2012, a select few in the Melbourne School of Engineering, decided that these ideas – and those courageous enough to claim them – needed a home. And so, the MAP Startup Accelerator was born.Aspiring founders needed guidance; the tools and experience to turn their big ideas into something bigger

It began with just four teams. They set out on their journey with $20,000 in seed funding, office space and mentoring.
The following years, six, then eight teams joined the adventure. Their ideas came in all shapes and sizes; from hardware, to crowdsourcing, medical devices and beyond. Each time the pool of big ideas grew, the cohort of mentors and alumni grew with it.
Together, 44 alumni teams have now raised over $30 million in funding, created more than 250 jobs and generated over $40 million in revenue