Grid+ (GRID)

Welcome to the Future of Energy

Grid+ uses technology and automation to offer you dramatic savings in home energy costs, all powered by a simple mobile app. Join us to save big and help make the grid where you live cheaper and greener.

Grid+ can help you save BIG on your electricity bill

Your agent allows you to purchase the cheapest price of electricity in real time, automatically switching you to the cheapest available product based on current prices and your usage.

Cutting edge payments technology, simple to use. Pay by your credit card.

We leverage next-generation blockchain payment technology to automate your agent's payment process. But that doesn't mean you have to notice. We hide our technology behind a simple to use mobile app interface, where you can view your usage and make payments.

Help create a greener, more efficient grid. And save in the process.

Grid+ helps you leverage devices in your home to lower your usage and save on energy. By utilizing smart predictions about the current price of energy, you can allow your smart agent to turn off your air conditioning, pool pump, or other devices at just the right times to lower your spend. But that's not all. Have a home battery or solar panels? smart agent can use them to buy when energy is cheap, store, and sell back at higher prices – giving new capabilities to the resources you already have.