MergeLane discovers, accelerates and invests in exceptional women and the companies they run.

Since its 2015 launch, MergeLane has invested in 37 companies and run three successful accelerators.
MergeLane has 37 portfolio companies, including 27 accelerator cohort alumni. In sum, MergeLane’s accelerator cohorts have raised $23.8 million in funding and created 469 jobs, including 46 leadership roles for women.
MergeLane’s next chapter marries the best features of a venture fund and a three-month accelerator through an intensive eight-day program -- the MergeLane Funderator ℠ -- that incorporates industry-leading mentorship, coaching, and Conscious Leadership. MergeLane is proving that investing in women is a powerful investment thesis.
MergeLane's work is centered around the following core initiatives all supporting its mission to advance extraordinary startups with at least one female in leadership:
The MergeLane Venture Fund

MergeLane will make select investment in startups with at least one female in leadership. As a means of generating quality deal flow and performing efficient due diligence on certain candidate companies, MergeLane has launched the MergeLane Funderator.
The MergeLane Funderator

MergeLane runs a series of eight-day immersive programs for startups with at least one female in leadership. These programs comprise three days of training in Conscious Leadership -- designed to uncover startups’ true commitment to their business, their team dynamics, and the mental barriers standing in their way -- and five days of intensive mentoring from the MergeLane network of mentors and investors and in-depth exposure to the MergeLane team. These programs offer companies enormous acceleration value at no charge, and MergeLane garners an eight-day opportunity to get to know candidate investment companies during this intensive time together.
Leadership Camp by MergeLane

MergeLane runs intensive three-day Leadership Camps for male and female leaders in startups, industry, and nonprofits designed to accelerate participants’ growth as innovative leaders.

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