LEOcoin (LEO)


The LEOcoin Upgrade is here

The new LEOcoin Upgrade brings a new world of technology to the blockchain and adds new features to LEOcoin. These new features mean that there are things that LEOcoin wallets can now do, that do not exist in any digital currency in the world. The LEOcoin Upgrade is a leap forward for how people can use Digital Currency.

Now, LEOcoin wallets can be used to communicate privately with other LEOcoin wallets. This change turns the communications industry on its head and creates a new way of communicating privately using digital currency wallets.

Also, LEOcoin wallets can now send LEOcoin privately to any other LEOcoin wallet in the world.

These two improvements, combined with the innovative approach of LEOcoin to Proof of Stake, mean that LEOcoin can now do things in ways that no other digital currency can. Backed by the LEOcoin Foundation, the technology behind LEOcoin is once again leading the sector.

What do you need to do?
If you are a LEO Member and hold all of your LEOcoin on the LEO Back Office, then you must log into the LEOcoin Member Platform and choose to Upgrade your LEOcoins.

If you hold all of your LEOcoin on external exchanges like LIVEcoin, Bit-Z, C-CEX, TopBTC or LEOxChange, then you do not need to do anything. Your LEOcoins are already upgraded.

If you hold any LEOcoins on an external desktop wallet or a mobile wallet, you need to download the new desktop LEOcoin wallet and perform the upgrade. This new wallet is already available for download on this page. Once you have a new wallet, you need to go to https://upgrade.leocoin.org/ and swap your old LEOcoins for new LEOcoins. There is no need to uninstall the previous V2.1.2 LEOcoin wallet from your computer as there is no conflict with the new V3 wallet, and you will need both wallets to be online and synced for the Upgrade.

The deadline to safely complete the upgrade process was July 21st, 2017. Synchronizing your previous V2 LEOcoin wallets will become increasingly harder to achieve, due to technical reasons related to the V2 wallet (nFactor, fewer nodes online, and more). There is no guarantee for how long V2 synchronization will remain available, so please try to upgrade your V2 LEOcoins the soonest possible or you risk losing your coins.